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Stacy Keibler & Lo Bosworth

Stacy Keibler - 06/05/2009

Stacy Keibler stays true to herself in keeping her hair a light blonde with thin dark blonde panels running throughout. There are long snipped angles upon her sides that allow for the flipping on the ends. Her top rides over from a side part and is smoothly brought over to be attached in the back of her hair. The other side gently blouses out to fall upon her back.
Her pretty face is made up with bronzing and a little bit of blush, light shadows, eyeliner, lashes, mascara and the new trendy extended brows that we are seeing more and more and a glossy natural lip tone. Her white and black evening dress stands to be an original selection with the large bulky tie in the front. The cut of the dress easily reveals Stacy's broad shoulders. No need for her to ever worry about wearing shoulder pads.
Lo Bosworth - 06/07/2009

Lo Bosworth wears her long layered hair in panels of blondes, cinnamons, caramels and brown colors. This is a high maintenance color, and takes hours to service at the salon because of the length of her hair. She looks to be a natural dark blonde/light brown color and these are ideal base colors. Lo is wearing a side part with the top combed over with a slight dip before it lunges down her shoulders and back. The other side rest against her back with the rest of the hair. This is a very informal look complete with her jeans and dark shirt. For a little bit of flair, a green and white cotton scarf would have been cute around her neckline.
We can see from the photo that Lo is wearing a little bit of translucent brush make up with a small amount of bronze/blush, light shadow, heavy eyeliner, lashes, mascara, extended brows and a neutral lip tint.