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Jamie Luner & Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis - 05/28/2009
Kristin Davis - Long brunette hair with curls
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Kristin Davis luxuriant mass of brunette curls seem to cascade down in a rippled waterfall. She makes the cowlick (if that is what she has) in the front work for her, instead of against her with an obliging added length to add a small pouf to the long hair that goes over into the coils. Kristin also has a lot of red stripes in her brown hair that generates warmth, especially on the ends. Her hair is cut in long layers with the heavier side coiled around her face and the other side behind her ear.
Kristin's elfin type chin would endure anyone's heart and is quite similar to Reese Witherspoon and Meg Ryan's when you look close. Her makeup is applied in a light natural touch with long feathered brows, light shadow, eyeliner, lashes, mascara, bronzing/blush and a light pink neutral lip tint.
Jamie Luner - 05/28/2009
Jamie Luner's hair with angled sides and layers
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Jamie Luner wears her hair in a whip of strawberry blonde and coppery reds and it is cut in long layers and angled along the sides. There is a small short part that takes both sides on the top over into a gentle roll that lays over the rest of the hair. If this looks like something you are interested in, a large curling iron will smooth out your hair and develop the small amount of curl desired to rest upon your shoulders like Jamie's.
Jamie looks like a natural redhead, but don't hold your breath. Chances are, that Jamie was a reddish blonde when she was a child and this is one reason why she can wear the red she is wearing today. Her skin texture is that of a redhead, with a light milky cast that is scattered attractively with freckles. It is also good to see that she wears her make up in a natural application, with natural brows, light shadow, eyeliner, lashes, mascara, a touch of bronzing and flesh toned lip tint.