Jamie Luner's Hair

Jamie Luner's hair with angled sides and layers
Photo by PR Photos
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Jamie Luner wears her hair in a blend of strawberry blonde and coppery reds, cut in long layers and angled along the sides. There is a small part that sweeps both sides over into a gentle roll, laying over the rest of her hair.
If this hairstyle interests you, using a large curling iron can smooth out your hair and create the small amount of curl desired to rest upon your shoulders like Jamie's.
Jamie appears to be a natural redhead, but don't hold your breath. Chances are, Jamie was a reddish blonde as a child, which is one reason why she can carry off the red she wears today.
Her skin texture resembles that of a redhead, with a light, milky cast attractively scattered with freckles. It's also refreshing to see her makeup applied naturally, featuring natural brows, light eyeshadow, eyeliner, lashes, mascara, a touch of bronzer, and a flesh-toned lip tint.
Jamie Luner's long red hair
Photo by PR Photos
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