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Sophie Marceau & Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna Arquette - 05/15/2009

Rosanna Arquette chooses to keep her hair in long layers that are smoothly straightened from the center part and given an idle coil along the sides. The thick pieced bangs are spread out and lie below her brows. Her colors range from warm browns and blondes to lighter shades of blonde. Her makeup goes with her fair complexion, with eyeliner, smoky shadow upon the lids, mascara, just a hint of blush and red lip color with an orange base.
I would like to see Rosanna with a short haircut about level with her chin line. Place your two fingers across the picture blocking out her long hair and see what wonders a short bob would do for her. For one, it would take off a quite a few years and who doesn't need that! There would also be the appearance of a slimmer Rosanna.
Sophie Marceau - 05/16/2009
Picture of Sophie Marceau Sophie Marceau's medium length haircut
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Sophie Marceau is a French actress and was born on November 17, 1966 in Paris, France. Many may remember her in Mel Gibson's Braveheart as Princess Isabelle.
Sophie has an incredible haircut that really spices up her good looks with long layers skirting around the edges that barely touch the top of her shoulders and wispy bangs that dance upon her forehead. There are cinnamon lines over her dark hair lending the top hairshaft the appearance of a bit too much sun. What makes this haircut on Sophie look so great are the fine lines of layers that we can see flipping up about, that give the impression of a touch of natural wave and her magnificent choppy bangs. Her light make up lines up with the natural expression of her hair, with eyeliner, mascara, nice brows, faintest blush and a neutral lip tint.