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Miley Cyrus & Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood - 04/05/2009

Carrie Underwood - Long feminine hairstyle Carrie Underwood's soft blonde hair has been cut in long layers and given an awry part. Both sides are smoothed into a round flushness, with the heavier movement closer to the eyes. The hair is brought over to the one side around the back with the spray of feminine curls displayed in the front. Carrie's hairstyle is an excellent example of what can be done with long hair besides always wearing it up. There is a touch of feminine sophistication in the theme of her overall appearance.
Her makeup appears to have a light tanned effect probably from subtle bronzing. There is eyeliner, lashes, mascara, light and smoky blends of shadows, a few penciled in brows, blush and translucent lip color.
Carrie's evening dress is a stunning white with sequins sewn on the lone shoulder strap. Her lovely jeweled earrings are a delightful match with her choice of dress. Although white looks good on Carrie, most of the time it isn't my first choice for blondes to wear. My personal taste would have been a light pastel sage or a light, light pastel green representing spring would have been more striking on our beautiful celebrity.
Miley Cyrus - 04/05/2009

Miley Cyrus wearing her hair half up Miley Cyrus has a rainbow of golden browns and blondes over the shaft of her darker brown hair. We can see an angled top part that allows the heavy section of hair to be combed partially over the one eye and ending with a few curly pieces along her neckline. The other side finds the rest of the hair that has been brought over in plenty of bulk with the roll made and secured upon the bottom of her hair.
Miley keeps to a natural touch with light foundation, light shadows, dark and iridescent blue eyeliner, lashes, mascara, blush, and slight penciling in the brows and a light crème lip tint. Very interestingly, the color of her dress is a good match with her eyes. The fat shoulder strap is studded with all kinds of jewels and stones and is quite attractive. Her long drop earrings are well defined with the dress.