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Shailene Woodley & Jena Malone

Shailene Woodley - 03/21/2009

Shailene Woodley is wearing her top hair back and away from her face and combed over slightly. There is the slightest of volume implemented on the top that was either back brushed or combed smoothly over and then secured or the hair was blown dry and when combed over the hair was pushed slightly toward the front to give an edge of lift and secured firmly. The sides have been texted and the ends darkened to give a great contrast to her lovely light medium brown hair.
Shailene defines her eyes in smoky shadows, eyeliner, lashes, mascara, a few penciled flicks of color in her brows, touches of pink on her cheeks and lips. Some look good in orange while others look great in orange and Shailene is one of those greats.
Jena Malone - 03/22/2009

Just looking at Jena Malone's super short elfin haircut communicates a barrel of boldness coming from her. She may have sweet eyes, but there is a lot of mischievousness going on behind them and if anyone can wear this pixie piecy cut, it's definitely Jena. The bangs are created in pieced minuets, as if in a dance. The sides are cataloged in fanciful edges around her ears with a down home decoration of small rick racked ruffles upon her grey apparel. Her eyes have warm and light shadows, mascara, light eyeliner and a neutral lip tint that self promotes the twinkle in her eyes.