Teri Hatcher's Long Hairstyle

Teri Hatcher - Long hairstyle for older women
Photo by PR Photos
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Teri Hatcher's contagious laugh warms everyone's heart and this must be one of the things that makes her a box office hit. She keeps her hair deep dark ebony brown with a few slight threads of lighter brown mixing throughout her style.
Long lush layers are amassed with straight thick sections of hair that give the bangs area a heavy feel as it takes over part of her eye. Small stray flips of hair become apparent while others fluff under or lie in circles upon her shoulders. It's all completely Teri.
Teri could be one of those women who wear a lot of make-up only; we don't see it, because of the professionalism that has gone into the blending factor. A few fill in flicks of pencil in her brows, lashes, mascara, light tones of shadow, subtle eyeliner, barely color on her cheeks and a neutral mauve lip tint and Teri is walking out the door.
Teri Hatcher's long hair
Photo by PR Photos
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