Helena Mattsson's Hair

Helena Mattsson wearing her hair long with curls
Photos by PR Photos
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Helena Mattsson has very soft feminine features that sometimes correspond with those who have satiny blonde hair.
Her long delicate blonde hair begins with the section in the center that creates subtle waves on both sides of the face. The waves fall even with her eyes. The easygoing ripples of coils gather appeal as they lie in individual ropes of hair. A little moisturizing gel or gloss can bring out this in your hair.
Our girl wears a pastel orange/coral and this is an excellent choice for her with her skin tones. This promotes a very glamorous image for Helena and for a more sophisticated and classy look, she would be matchless with her hair in an upswing and perhaps some earrings with chocolate diamonds.
Her make-up is light blush/bronze, eyeliner, lashes and neutral pastel lip tint that matches her dress.
Helena Mattsson with long satiny blonde hair
Photo by PR Photos
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