Diane Neal's Hair

Diane Neal - Long hairstyle with snipped bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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Lightly cut bangs give an edge to Diane Neal's attractiveness with the organic appearance of her dark warm blonde colored hair! A little bit of angling along her sides and around the ends blend easily together with the delicate form of her soft waves.
Take a look closer around the eyes of Ms. Neal and see if she doesn't look like the late Princess of Morocco, Grace Kelly, herself! To give her even more of a Princess appeal I would put her hair up into a twist to display her eyes and high cheek bones.
The fine example of her neutral lip tint balances her overall image.
Diane Neal - Hairstyle with angling along the sides and a Grace Kelly look
Photo by PR Photos
Diane Neal's long hair with lightly cut bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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