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Trilby Glover & LeeLee Sobieski

Trilby Glover - 04/16/2008

Trilby Glover - Sleek flowing long hairstyle Another of the film's face, Trilby Glover shines like a new star with her side-part and long, golden hair. The razor-trimmed haircut is styled for sleek, flowing lines and soft curves. The deep, blonde color is a carefully-crafted blend of very subtle and meticulous highlighting and lowlighting.
The only fault I can name in the look overall, is that Ms. Glover might benefit from the creation of a few soft bangs in her style to break-up the expanse of a wide, squared forehead.
LeeLee Sobieski - 04/16/2008
LeeLee Sobieski wearing her hair in a loose ponytail LeeLee Sobieski with her hair pulled back
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The 24-year old actress LeeLee Sobieski is already a veteran of dozens of film and television roles and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, holding her own with her substantial talent. But even without the talent, she is still a stunning beauty. Shown here, her long, razor-cut hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck and the elastic is wrapped with a segment of her hair to mask it. Her finely-textured hair is blown-out for volume and lift and styled straight before being pulled back and confined. The soft, rounded halo is the perfect foil for her square jaw and wide features.