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Lindsay Price & Claire Forlani

Lindsay Price - 04/12/2008

The lovely actress Lindsay Price is all smiles at the pool party to celebrate the opening of Las Vegas nightclub, TAO Beach. In a cool cotton tee, Lindsay's blunt-cut hair allowed to shine. The long fringe is angle cut and swept across the forehead to blend with the curves along the sides. The classic sable haircolor (common to most women who, like Lindsay, are of Eurasian descent) is streaked with a warm chocolate brown which adds depth to the color and a rich glow in the sunshine. The hair is styled to have body, with wave ending in a bouncy curl at the shoulders.
Claire Forlani - 04/13/2008
Claire Forlani - Free moving and soft long hairstyle Claire Forlani - Simple look for razor cut long hair
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The London premiere of "Flashbacks of a Fool" brought out most of the films principals, but none were lovelier than Claire Forlani. In a deep-cut, thin-strapped little black dress Claire's long chocolate brown hair seems a sweet spill across her shoulders. Blown-out gently to be free-moving and soft, the razor-cut hairstyle features a forelock section pulled back and clasped securely while the silky strands of the left side are tucked behind the ear. The look is simple and elegant, and can only be possible when the hair is well-kept and healthy.