Leslie Mann's Long Hair

Leslie Mann wearing her hair long with layers and curls
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"Oh, she's my blue jean baby with the sweet expression!" Do you remember that country and western song? Neither do I, but I thought it was suitable for Leslie Mann. She has been known for playing roles with an attitude, but you'd never know it, when you look at her face.
Her hair is shaped in the perpetual long layers that so many celebrities are sporting around today and she has the "I just got out of my bed look" with lackadaisical twists and curls that descend below her shoulders.
The hair color is close to a rich wheat and formulated to give a natural impression. Leslie's hair is evidence of the moisturizers she applies when she washes her hair.
Those are some apples(cheeks) she has and very coveted in the world of Hollywood. In fact, there are those who even get apple implants, not saying that our girl has them. You can see how they increase the sweetness in her smile. Hmm, I wonder if I need apples.
Just out of bed look for long hair - Leslie Mann
Photos by PR Photos
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