McKenzie Westmore's Shag Haircut

McKenzie Westmore wearing her hair in a shag
Photo by PR Photos
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We are looking at another NBC Passions television soap star. McKenzie Westmore's hair is a medium beige and cut into a shag with layers and styled with a lot of pouf and bounce. There is a good chance that our celebrity has had a mild body permanent to accommodate this look.
Just apply a good amount of styling lotion and blow dry and swish up with your hands, where you want to place your hair and spray while you go. She does have a definite half part that is the focal point, where you can begin to style your hair.
Always remember the constant touch-ups you will need, when you choose to go blonde. You can either look your best by getting your hair touched up every month, or second best by waiting until you have a 2.5 cm new growth.