Natascha McElhone's Hair

Natascha McElhone wearing her hair long with layers
Photo by PR Photos
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Natascha McElhone's latest work is called "The Company." She has a long list of achievements in the movie industry.
She is wearing her hair in a very fashionable style with long layers and a center part. Her hair falls a long way down her backside. She has variations of blondes and browns running throughout her hair, always to give an impression of naturalism.
She is wearing a lovely brown leather coat telling me, she likes the warm tones. You will need a lot of gloss and smoothing serum to catch this look and be ready for regular foiling to keep the tri-tones that are in her hair. Oh those eyes!
Hair with foiling for variations of blondes and browns - Natascha McElhone
Photo by PR Photos
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