Melanie Paxson & Victoria Recano Hair

Melanie Paxson with her hair in a short bob haircut
Melanie Paxson
Melanie Paxson has that little girl look with her brown eyes full of excitement and enthusiasm. She has a short semi bob haircut that is worn in a simple straight form with the top combed over and secured with a decorative white barrette that lends a nice contrast with her dark brown hair.
Ms. Paxson is wearing a very deep neckline revealing a bit too much flesh. To break up from seeing so much white, a lovely jeweled necklace of pearls and black jade would probably do the trick.
Does her hair look as dressy as what she is wearing though? We can change that, in the blink of our imagination! Our girl has a nice forehead, so she does not need bangs unless she wants a change.
Let's roll all her hair going towards the back in medium sized rollers. Brush vigorously and then, back brush all over in spots, use a large toothed comb to smooth the style out while combing toward the back. Allow the dips and splits to fall where they may! We have a different look and a different Melanie!
Victoria Recano
Victoria Recano - Fashionably cut long hair
Victoria Recano played as herself in an episode of CSI Miami. Her long black hair is fashionably cut in layers and flows below her shoulders.
There is a slight off centered part that brings the heaviest part of her hair over into a large wave that moves into the rest of her hair along her side. We can see the easy flow of her hair that is smoothed, semi-coiled and flipping out.
Easy hairstyle for long hair - Victoria recano
She is wearing a sporty, long sleeved, dark shirt that goes well with her jeans. Ms. Victoria must be all of a size two. How many people do you know, who are a size two?
Photos by PR Photos