Peter Reckell Hairstyles

Peter Reckell is an American actor, born May 7th 1955. He played the roles of Bo Brady on Days of Our Lives and Eric Hollister on As the World Turns.
  • Peter Reckell

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Peter has enjoyed a rare continuity in his career and also has kept basically the same hairstyle for many years. This man might be full of surprises, but he does not wear them on his head and rather sticks with what has proven to work for him. The only thing that changes every now and then is the length and the amount of texture in his hair.
Peter bets on manly looks and combines a short, cropped and textured haircut with a fine tuned amount of facial hair. His beard shape enhances his boyish and sexy smile to the melting point and his same length cut hair looks best when it is ruffled and messy. This basic style however allows him a range of simple styling tricks to change his appearance from rough and rugged to gentleman with just a dollop of product and a comb.
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