Patti Labelle Hairstyles

African-American singer Patti Labelle was born on May 24th 1944 in Philadephia.
  • Patti Labelle with short hair
  • Patti Labell with curls

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Her amazingly wide vocal range is only surpassed by the number of hairstyles that she has been wearing. One more fabulous than the other. Patti does everything with passion and even her haircuts and styles are extraordinary, just perfect for this deserving Diva who got famous with her evergreen chart stormers "Lady Marmalade" and "On my Own".
Patty has sported some long and very voluptuous styles full of waves and curls, but she looks even more breathtaking with short cuts that have a lot of movement all around. Layers, textures and good styling give her an irresistible sizzle and manifest the intense energy that never seizes to come out of her.
Patty has an oval face shape and can wear her hair in many different ways without having to consider balancing any proportions. This makes it easy to follow trends and even to go to extremes with high volume on top, crazy textures and extravagant, yet sophisticated shapes.
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