Nicole Lapin Hairstyles

Nicole Lapin is known for being a CNN Live anchor. She was born in Los Angeles on March 7th, 1984.
  • Nicole Lapin

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Nicole is a fan of the long side fringe. She wears her face framing hair parted on the side and draped in an asymmetrical line across her forehead. This gives her a very sophisticated and stylish appearance while being classy and camera ready. Her hair is long; it reaches several inches below her shoulders and gives her many possibilities to style it. It also has some gentle layers to distribute the weight in a balanced fashion.
She can wear it straight but she can also change her look quickly by ironing in some large waves and playful curls. Adding more lift on the crown is also a great way to modify the look and of course Nicole has many options to add glamour and glitz or just some extra hold with hair accessories. Semi updos for which the hair above the ears is gently pulled to the back are also a very elegant option.
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