Markie Post Hairstyles

Markie Post is an American actress, born November 4th, 1950. Markie is known for her roles as Christine Sullivan on Night Court and Terri Michaels in The Fall Guy.
  • Markie Post

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Like many of us, Markie followed the trends of the decades and of course there were some hairstyles on her way that were not the most flattering, like an 80s mullet and other long back, short top and curls creations. After all the short, long, permed and dyed hair, Markie found a classy look that is timeless, always chic and even flexible.
It is a bob with a long fringe and just a tad of layering in the lower section. A similar haircut, but with finely textured bangs is another fun version of this. The basic cut lives from its refined lines and its simplicity. A bit of play with the texture and it can be updated quickly. Or just a change of color, adding high and low lights can add new spice and excitement to the hairstyle. Markie also looks great with a bit of tapering along the side.
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