Maria-Elena Laas Hairstyles

Maria-Elena Laas is an actress of Puerto Rican descent, born November 28th, 1981.
  • Maria Elena Laas

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The sultry Latina is blessed with a thick bundle of strong, dark brown hair. It does not require any fancy cuts to be beautiful, but even for brunettes like Maria Elena there are certain haircuts that bring out the best of their locks.
Maria Elena benefits from a few strategic layers cut in her hair from about the middle of its length, at her chin line. This causes an instant rise in volume and the wispy strands are trendy and fun.
Maria Elena usually parts her hair in the center or just slightly off to the side. She lets it flow free and enhances the natural wave a little to make it look even sexier. For special events she sometimes gathers the seductive mass and creates elegant updos or ponytails.
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