Linzi Stoppard Hairstyles

Linzi Stoppard is a violinist from the United Kingdom, born in 1979.
  • Linzi Stoppard

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Linzi does revolutionary things with her violin when she plays on an electric instrument and not your regular classics, but heavy metal and rock music. When it comes to her appearance she sticks more with refined, sophisticated and timeless haircuts. Her hair is cut in a modern Cleopatra style with long sides and a dense eyebrow height fringe. To update the classic look the sides are tapered, allowing for more movement and softness of the lines and the cutting lines are finely textured.
With this basic haircut she can use a range of different stylings, up or down to adjust her appearance according to her environment and occasion, on stage or off. The entire range of elegant to rebellious expressions is possible with a long, well cut bob. Linzi has also worn an even cut bob once with a long side fringe in brown. The black definitely has more edge!
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