Kimberley Walsh Hairstyles

Kimberley Walsh is a British singer, dancer and model, born on November 20th, 1981. She is known for being one of the girls of the group "Girls Aloud".
  • Kimberley Walsh
  • Kimberley Walsh with a hair band in her hair

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Kimberly likes to add a little drama to her hair. Her long hairstyles are often full of volume and have a fashionable twist. She also uses fun accessories like head bands of all materials to change her looks and to add a bit of sparkle and fun to them. With her little teased bump in the back of the top she emulates famous long hairstyles of the sixties and looks very classy while doing so.
Her hair is often parted in the center and just flows in casual curves that appear very effortless and free. But this much perfection usually requires a little bit of work, a great haircut and good styling techniques. With the choice of color a smooth blonde, between strawberry and golden, speckled with some highlights, is dominant, but Kimberley also checked out brown and black tones in the past.
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