Kaylee DeFer Hairstyles

Kaylee DeFer is an American actress, born on September 23rd, 1986.
  • Kayle DeFer

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Doll faced Kaylee is the perfect candidate for hairstyles that have a lot of texture together with volumizing cuts and stylings. Her hair is slightly thin and therefore grateful for a boost in volume, which also benefits her smooth and roundish face shape. Diagonal bangs are super flattering on Kaylee and a great alternative to the less becoming straight fringe.
A bit of movement on the side softens the lines with a shoulder lenght cut that makes a face look more slender. Kayle has had a range of hairstyles that all follow this principle, some with and some without curls.
Among her best looks were ponytails and small chignons at the base of her neck in combination with a sleek diagonal fringe that went from a high side part all the way to her earlobe. Dark blonde, a touch of copper and a sun kissed, highlighted beige blonde are great colors for her.
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