Poufy Updo

Kimberly Stewart with her hair un an updo
Photo by PR Photos
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Model, actress, socialite and famous daughter Kimberly Stewart attended a Vanity Fair dinner event on October 19th, 2004 in a hot pink slinky dress and a lot of bling.
Her Barbie doll blonde hair was arranged to a poufy updo. The long tresses were twirled to a lithe banana roll with most of the hair springing out on top of it and hugging the back of her head in a sleek curve.
The tapered front was left open to frame her face in fringy strands.
Kimberly Stewart's hair styled up with fringy strands
Photo by PR Photos
Kimberly Stewart wearing her hair up
Photo by PR Photos
KImberly Stewart with her tapered hair styled up
Photo by PR Photos
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