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Kelli Garner's Updo

Kelli Garner looked quite stunning at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Going the Distance" on August 23, 2010. She wore her dark blonde hair designed into a top knot formed into a bun directly on the top of her head.
With her hair in the updo we can see the strips of darker blonde mixing in with her lighter shades and then, the warmer blonde ends that are wrapped up on top. The small tendrils on her side give just enough hair out to lend a soft appeal and point to her grey and white earrings.
Kelli wears her makeup in a flawless example with a light ivory foundation, a concealor around her eyes with a white beige shadow over the concealor and a well blended taupe shadow alongside the white. Her eyeliner begins on the lids about an inch away from the inside of her eyes and gets thicker towards the outer area. Her eyebrows are kept light and arched. There is a small amount of light blush and a coral red lip tone, ideal for her skin color and eyes.
Note how good her facial features stand out because of the black collar that is so close to her face.
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