Jenny Agutter Hairstyles

Jenny Agutter is a British actress, born December 20th 1952. Jenny is well known for her roles as Jessica in "Logan's Run", Alex Price in "An American Werewolf in London", Jill Mason in "Equus" and Tessa Phillips in "Spooks".
  • Jenny Agutter

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Jenny's long locks fell years ago and made room for a stylish bob. From a short style she went to shoulder length, cut straight with a hint of a curl, then back to chin length again. Her various hairstyles were often parted in the center and featured all the possible shapes of bangs - blunt, textured, centered or along the sides.
The most flattering haircut for Jenny is a short bob with a lot of texture. She has been wearing straight versions with a neat inside roll, but those heavy and rigid haircuts do not do her beauty any justice.
Especially in the years past 50 women can keep their looks sexy and attractive by adding more movement to their hair and freshen up mousy colors with some highlights, a light tint or just go silvery gray all the way.
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