Jann Carl Hairstyles

Newsreader Jann Carl is Los Angeles based and a correspondent for Enertainment Tonight. She has also been on America's Next Top Model and Candid Camera. Jann was born on May 19th, 1960 in Missouri.
  • Jann Carl sporting feathered long hair
  • Jann Carl with long flowing hair
  • Jann Carl

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Jann radiates in the colors of spring; fresh, bright hues in pastel or full strength. These look delicious with her sun trenched hair that is usually cut in layers, long subtle ones or a shorter, tighter version.
Styled to wispy feathers her haircuts reflects the light in a halo shape and illuminates her blue eyed features. Her face shape is rectangular with a strong jaw line. The lightness of her hair and the volume on the sides are a great balance.
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