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Jessica Lowndes' Hair & Hairband

The Paley Center/TV Guide Fall 2008 Preview Parties of September 6, 2009 found a Jessica Lowndes smiling while the cameras flashed. Her hair was severely pulled back and fastened with a hairband. There is always the possibility she is either wearing a hairpiece known as a "fall" or she has had her own hair straightened to just tip the very top of her inner shoulders.
Jessica's hairstyle is a laborious blow dry followed by a moisturizing crème to close up her cuticles. For a straighter effect the flat iron can be used to have a smoother presentation of her hair.
Jessica's makeup is given a medium to sheer foundation blended with a concealor in the inner areas of her greenish blue eyes. Her eyebrows are of a medium thickness and are an asset to her beauty. If her brows were thinner Jessica wouldn't be near as attractive. She has a smoky taupe shadow with eyeliner that encircles her eyes, lashes and mascara. Her lips are glossed with a natural flesh pink tone.
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