Jessica Alba's Ombré Bob

Jessica Alba bob
Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
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Sun-kissed and starry-eyed, Jessica Alba graces the red carpet of the 30th Annual Independent School Alliance for Minority Affairs Impact Awards Dinner. Alba, an actress, dancer, wife, mother of two, and founder of the Honest Company, wore a modest black and white ensemble.
Jessica, much like her company, takes a more natural approach to life, from her minimalistic makeup to the products she uses in her hair. She uses bronzer and shimmer for her highlighting and contouring makeup routine while proving that the oh-so-popular ombré hair color technique can be pulled off on both long and short hairstyles, such as her bob seen here.
The key to successful ombré hair color is subtleness. Notice that some of the blonde strands faintly begin near her eyes and gradually become more prominent as they progress downward?
Jessica Alba hair
Photo by PR Photos
To steal Jessica's sun-kissed style, begin by cleansing your hair with Honest Company shampoo (Jessica swears by it). Next, part the hair at the crown and apply a root boost spray to each parted section, rubbing it in. Repeat this process for two sections on each side and two in the crown area for maximum volume.
Start blow-drying the roots away from the scalp. Once the hair is 80% dry, section it from top to bottom. Use a round brush to flip the hair around and finish drying. When you reach the top section, round brush it under. Now you have an Honest-to-goodness sassy style!
Side view of Jessica Alba's bob
Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Jessica Alba wearing a black and white ensemble
Photo by PR Photos
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