Helena Christensen Hairstyles

Supermodel Helena Christensen was born on December 25th, 1968 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her father is Danish and her mother is from Peru.
  • Helena Christensen
  • hairstyle with large spiral curls

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There is a fine line between hair that is fashionably messy or just unkempt. Helena has been the target of criticism quite often for the latter. With a few exceptions she has been wearing her hair long, extending over her shoulders. It is thick and full and has a good weight, therefore her mane comes to its best form when it is cut in layers, has some texturing and generally a skilled thinning cut and distribution of weight.
One of her best haircuts was a long cut with tapered sides that had a lot of wispy tips to smooth and balance the distinct lines of her face and strong line of her jaw. Spiral curls, waves or any kind of movement is also a good idea for Helena. She should stay away from heavy bangs that are solid and thick; those are just too weighty and have an aging effect. Out of the face looks and upstyles are also great ways to deal with the amount of hair and to bring more positive attention to her features.
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