Faune Chambers Hairstyles

American actress Faune Chambers was born in Florida. She is known for her roles in "White Chicks" and "Epic Movie".
  • Faune Chambers with long hair
  • Faune Chambers

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Faune has a strong natural curl in her hair and she is using it very much to her advantage. With a little taming action the curls come out big and luscious and surround her face with a frame of feminity, sophistication and chic. She prefers to part her hair off to the side and wears a thick fringe draped diagonally across her forehead.
Since her forehead is a touch dominant it would be very beneficial to have more structure and lightness in the fringe to soften up all of the lines. At the same time she looks stunning with hair that is strictly pulled back, even though her forehead is then fully exposed, but the attention goes right to her eyes and charming smile.
The statuesque beauty also makes quite an impression with all straightened hair that she wears long and sleek in a very minimalistic and highly elegant way.
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