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Neckline Length Red Hair

Christina Hendricks went to the 2010 Creative Arts Emmys in Los Angeles on August 21, 2010 and she was dressed to kill in her black designer gown. It takes a special person to wear red hair and Christina fits the bill with her milky pink skin tones.
She wore her hair with a part on the side and a couple of 1950s lush waves that edged around her neckline. The mid length haircut is good, because Christina can always wear it up or down.

She wears her eyebrows with a tinge of auburn to match her hair, thick eyeliner, light and warm eye shadow, blush and goes completely against today's trend and wears ruby red lips.
Bravo Christina! The idea of standing out and not looking like everyone else around you is to go against the trend. If everyone is going blonde, you stay brunette or go red. If everyone isn't wearing lipstick, wear lipstick. If they are all wearing eyeliner, don't wear eyeliner. If they aren't wearing any jewelry, wear lots of jewelry. Go against the flow.
Dare to be different, then you will be the one noticed; just like Christina. One very important fact to remember is that the trends come and go but not everyone looks good with them because we don't all fit into the same mold. It is imperative that you wear what personally looks the best on you.
1950s hairstyle for red hair with waves - Christina Hendricks Neckline length hairstyle for red hair - Christina Hendricks Christina Hendricks wearing a black designer gown
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