Charlize Theron's Soft Pixie

Charlize Theron with her hair in a soft pixie
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Charlize Theron was looking classy and chic when she attended the 5th Annual Variety's Power of Women Luncheon Presented by Lifetime.
Her long, soft pixie is absolutely gorgeous and totally timeless. The hair around the neck and ears is cropped very short and tapered very crisply. The top is left very long so that the style stays feminine.
Strands are ironed out smooth with a slight bend on the tips. A very dramatic side part really takes this simple pixie to the next level. The bangs are cut well past the eyes which gives them the length they need to swoop over to the side so effortlessly. This short hairstyle is the perfect top off to wear this high necked outfit.
Back view of Charlize Theron's short hair
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Though this hairstyle was worn by Charlize in 2013, pixie haircuts are still all the rage. This lovely version is very sleek yet very versatile. It's a great option to consider for women of all ages as it is very youthful but timeless at the same time.
Charlize wears a deeper blonde shade with flecks of gold tones that is absolutely stunning. The color is uniform throughout and goes well with the star's skin tone and light green eyes. The blonde color looks great in her white mini dress, too. We love how this style is so simple yet so elegant. The actress proves that less is more.
Charlize Theron with her blonde hair in a pixie cut
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Charlize Theron - Short hairstyle with a tapered neck
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