Bettina Bush Hairstyles

Bettina Bush
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Bettina Bush is an American pop music singer and voice actress.
Bettina has the hair of a raven goddess and she wears it in a way that brings out the very best potential in her mane and how it works with her face and general style.
The mid-back long, thick and luscious waves consist of strong hair that she keeps shiny and healthy. It is cut into deep long layers which not only make it a bit lighter for her to carry but also distribute the volume evenly and with a lot of movement.
Parted on the side and with no frizzy strands in her face, her hairstyle is super elegant, but also charming and captivating in a most effortless way. The length lends itself to a lot of fun upstyles and casual or more elaborate hairdos.
Bettina's hair color is a deep natural brown that she at times lightens up a touch with a few strategically placed streaks in a lighter brown or caramel tone.
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