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Light and Sweeping Updo

Hot hot hot! Ana De La Reguera was borderline scandalizing-sexy at the 2007 Elton John Aid Foundation Oscar (February 25th, 2007). Her long velvety dress has some heaviness and weight to it so this light and sweeping updo gives the actress a breath of fresh air. This asymmetrical hairstyle shows off tons of curly locks.
Hair is parted deeply to one side and then swept back close to the head on one side while the opposite side is full of shapely volume. Hair is pinned tightly on one side while the curls are piled into a loose pile on the other.
The result is a fabulously stunning updo. Soft texture and some falling tendrils keep the hairstyle from looking too stuffy and uptight. The finished product oozes romance and is definitely a style to emulate for any formal event you may have.
Updo with piled curls - Ana de la Reguera Ana de la Reguera wearing her hair in a stunning updo Ana de la Reguera - Sexy upstyle with curls Ana de la Reguera wearing a long velvet dress
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Photos: S. Bukley/Shutterstock