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Short and Long Hair Look

Aly Michalka wore her high fashion platinum hair up with an uneven part and secured in the back and then pulled over to one side in ribbed waves and if we notice how her short side is covering her ear, it almost appears as if her hair is short and the longer section is an add on extension as there is even a slight color difference. Use your imagination, when it comes to hair the sky is the limit. This was how Aly wore her hair on June 5th, 2011.

Aly's makeup is a well blended foundation with blush and bronzing, well kept thickened eye brows, heavy eyeliners, lots of eye lashes, mascara and a light frosty pink lip tone. Today large lips are in, if you have thinner lips you can outline them with a medium color but be sure and blend them in with the inside lighter color. Remember, light expands and dark closes in.
Aly Michalka wearing her hair partly up and short on one side Aly Michalka - Semi upstyle and long gown
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