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Ali Larter's Foiled Blonde Hair

Celebrity girl Ali Larter used to be a model before she decided to take acting lessons. She is wearing (January 9th, 2007) a gray evening dress with a small tinge of green running through that we find completely agreeable with her blonde hair.

Styled in long layered dips, her hair is also foiled heavily with pale blonde slices more in the front area then in the back. Her new growth appears to be a medium brown mixed with sprigs of gray. We all get it ladies and silver really can be quite beautiful, when properly taken care of.
With this in mind, it is possible to have this look for yourself, begin with a dry clean head of hair and part in the center, just as you see Aly's and section off the top mixed in with the sides with a clip. Section off the crown and begin on your lower back using a large curling iron, large hot rollers or large regular rollers; whatever your preference is and roll everything under. Do the same with the crown making a checkerboard pattern as you go. On the top and sides roll going back vertically. When dry, brush lightly and spray.
Just a tip: if you are looking for more fluff and bounce in the crown area; have your artist clip you a bit shorter.
Ali Larter hair Ali Larter - Long hairstyle with layers Ali Larter wearing an off the shoulder dress
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