Amber Heard Hairstyles

American actress Amber Heard was born April 22nd, 1986 and played minor roles in many movies and television shows. She is well known for her role of Greta Matthews on Hidden Palms.
Amber Heard photo Amber Heard - Updo with a banana roll Amber Heard with her hair in a messy ponytail
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Amber is very comfortable in her own looks and likes to wrap herself in sexy outfits. Her hair is also a sensual creation of soft long layers in various blond hues. Accents of light blonde, medium honey and some sun bleached highlights give her fine hair dimension and make it sparkle.
Her hairstyles range from wild and sassy to elegant and sophisticated updos. All are feminine and have much volume. Bright colors are a good choice for her outfits, all pure reds, blacks, intense greens and some sandy and golden tones support her fresh energy and sexy attitude.
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