Amanda Holden Hairstyles

Amanda Holden is a British actress, born February 16th, 1971. She is known for her roles as Mia Bevan in Cutting It and Sarah Trevanion in Wild at Heart.
Amanda Holden Amanda Holden's ombre hair Amanda Holden's long hair
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Whether she presents herself in elegant glam or casual, Amanda has a knack for always finding hairstyles that make her look good.
With her squarish face and a jaw line that expresses much determination, she does well to wear her hair in soft styles. These haircuts can be created by adding texture and wispy sections to frame the face, soft layers or extra volume made by curls.
Bangs are an easy trick to distract from a strong forehead and to bring attention to the eyes and the rest of the face. Amanda surely mastered the art of the fringe to her benefit and wears them short, long, to the side or charmingly diagonal and textured.
Her hair color is not subject of too many experiments and, as far as we know, remains in the blonde spectrum between a sandy vanilla and sassy reddish hues.
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