Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut

This hairstyle is a blunt cut with asymmetrical details at the edge of the bangs. The hair has a fine texture and is sleek and straight, featuring panels of platinum and dark strawberry-blonde colors.

The fringe is cut to align with the eyes, while the right side has a longer length at the bangs to align with the mouth. The shoulder-length blunt cut hair is blown straight to create a light and free-moving effect, allowing the color panels to blend seamlessly as the hair moves.
The makeup here is designed to achieve a dramatic look. A light foundation serves as the base, while the eyes are accentuated with a smoky effect. A rich ruby lip color adds boldness to the lips. The blush is kept in neutral tones to avoid overshadowing the bolder eye and lip looks.
The model is dressed in a single-breasted jacket worn as a blouse, layered under a heavily shirred cloak. Paired with pearl gray flat-front trousers, this ensemble creates a stylish and sophisticated look.
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