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Shoulder Length Blunt Cut

This hairstyle is a blunt cut with asymmetrical details at the edge of the fringe area. The hair is fine in texture and smooth and straight, colored in panels ranging from platinum to a dark strawberry-blonde.
With a fringe cut to align with the eyes, the right side features a drop-length at the fringe to align with the mouth. The shoulder length blunt cut hair is blown, straight to be free moving and light, allowing the color panels to blend with their movement.

The make-up here is designed for a dramatic look, with a light base foundation and smoky eyes detailed with a rich ruby lip color. The blusher is in neutral tones to prevent interference with the bolder eye and lip looks.
The model is wearing a single-breasted jacket-as-blouse and under a heavily shirred cloak and pearl gray flat front trousers.
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