Non-surgical Aesthetic Treatments

Non surgical beauty treatment
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Q: Are the effects of non-surgical aesthetic treatments permanent?
A: The results of any non-surgical aesthetic clinic are semi-permanent. A course is always recommended to prolong the effects of a non-surgical aesthetic treatment.
After each treatment the effects are going on underneath the skin’s surface, usually in the dermis layer of the skin cell structure where cells are being reformed and regenerated. Most of the old elasticity and collagen is broken down by the treatment, and it produces new cells of elasticity and collagen. This means you are then going to have fresh new cells developing within two weeks of each session which you are booked in to have.
After around 6-8 sessions, which is usually the recommended course, you should expect to see the results lasting around two years on the skin. You can have a top up of the treatment after around 6 months if required. This is just classed as more of a refresh of the treatment and you shouldn't require to have any more than that. If you feel that you need more, this will not affect the results you have already achieved.
There is no limit to what you can have, and it is not harmful to you if the treatments are radio frequency, micro current, cavitation or LED light therapy. Other treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers are also not a permanent treatment and would require a top up.
Treatments which are surgically performed are mainly permanent solutions, but also come with a lot of side effects and risks. Some treatments can be easily undone by a patient or client; like an inch loss treatment such as liposuction. Unless you make lifestyle changes, you can easily undo these types of treatments whether they are performed surgically or non-surgically.
Most treatments across the aesthetic platform need a top up or a boost and your clinician can recommend when this is advised.