Get Rid of Cellulite

The forming of cellulite
Image: Bigstock
Q: What is the most effective way to get rid of cellulite?
A: Cellulite is found in the inner fat layer below skin fat cells and under the connective tissue. If you have cellulite, it does not mean you are fat or overweight. Anybody can get cellulite, men and women. Although it is more common in the female body, most likely due to the type of fat and connective tissue that cellulite holds itself.
Cellulite usually starts around puberty and there are many factors which can cause cellulite; such as hormones, diet, genetics, lifestyle and our clothing too! Cellulite is most common around the lower half of our bodies although some people may have cellulite on their upper arms as well.
Cellulite is a condition where fat deposits itself, not circulating elsewhere and making the skin look uneven, lumpy and dimpled. Cellulite can be reduced, but there would be no guarantee that it will ever completely disappear. The reason for this is the lifestyle, dietary, hormonal and genetic factors. A job where you are sitting or standing most of the day for instance, is a lifestyle factor which unfortunately cannot be changed.
To help reduce cellulite, you can start doing some regular exercise and try to get the body moving to reduce body fat. Try to move each muscle, strengthening and toning them to restructure lost muscle. It will give your body a stronger appearance and reduce cellulite. Also try to eat a little healthier by including lots of fiber, fruit and vegetables and reducing salt, plus drinking lots of water. Also wearing looser clothing on your legs can help. Restrictive clothes can reduce circulation and trap fat cells.
For home care you can try body brushing with a firm body brush which gives your skin an exfoliation and helps to stimulate your body's circulation. This detoxifies and eliminates to the lymph system. If you can have a regular massage, this will also stimulate and aid the lymphatic draining process. There are other options available for cellulite which are combined ultrasonic cavitation and radio frequency. Both will reduce the fat cells and tighten, firm and sculpt the skin again.