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Hairstyles Design & Fashion on Television

Watching television is a great way to see the trendiest hairstyles! Television personalities have access to the best hair care services available and are often trendsetters.
Not only their haircut, but also what they wear is always up-to-date. Beauty advisors are doing their best to make them look perfect. Their style for hair and apparel is not a coincidence. Everything (face shape, color type, body type), is figured out and well-balanced.
What you see on television can be an interesting and refreshing source for ideas for your own hairstyle and overall look.
  • short haircut with side swept bangs image
  • long shaggy layers grapic
  • layers for long hair graphic
  • shag straight hair image
  • long smooth hair image
  • picture of wavy hairstyle with layers
  • picture of short hairstyle
  • midlength hairstyle image
  • short hairdo image
  • long hair style graphic
  • bob style image
  • graduated hair picture
  • graphic of pixie haircut
  • long layers hairstyle
  • fringe hairdo
  • choppy hair
  • messed up hair
  • wavy hair
  • long shag haircut
  • short shag haircut

Making your own video captures to take to your hairdresser is not always an option. Check the following websites for videocaps from different countries. Not only are they a good sources for images of modern haircuts, also they will let you see what is trendy in different countries. In many cases you will be able to view the hairstyles evolution of certain presenters.
Belgium: Belganim
France: Oricap
Italy: Telegiornaliste Fans Forum
United Kingdom: Tarty Doris