Modern Haircuts for Men (23)

Whether you’re growing your hair out, considering a flat top, or looking for a more maintenance-friendly haircut, there is no shortage of options for men’s hair. We love men’s hairstyles in all their forms, and men’s haircuts don’t have to be boring. Ready to do something different with your hair? Give one of the following haircuts a try!
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  • Men's hair with millimeter short sides
  • Haircut with undercut sides for men
  • Men's hair with retro 1930s pomade styling
  • Short hairstyle with lifted top hair for boys
  • Hair with a flipped back fringe for guys
  • Long layered hair with curls for men
  • Modern short haircut for men
  • Male Gatsby hair with vintage waves
  • Vintage hairstyle for men with curls
  • Boys haircut with clipper-cut sides
  • Mohawk with a mix of red and black hair
  • Cut with volume for naturally curly hair
  • Cut for men's hair with a natural curl
  • Men's hair with shaved sides and a curly quiff
  • Men's hairstyle with shaven sides and longer top hair
  • Classy men's hair with clipper cut sides
  • Short hairstyle with extended top length for men
  • Guys hair that does not touch the collar
  • Shiny wet look hair with pomade for men
  • Men's look military buzz cut hair
  • Military haircut with length in the crown
  • Sophisticated men's haircut with graduated sides
  • Hairdo with side bangs for men
  • 1950s rock and roll hairstyle for men
  • Hairstyle for a 1950s swooner look
  • Hairdo inspired by slick 1940s looks
  • Hair for a male hipster look
  • Red hair with shaved sides and lifted bangs
  • Clean cut for men with red hair
  • more men's hairstyles

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