Fashionable Hairstyles for Men (22)

Would you like to revolutionize your look? The perfect hairstyle can make you feel like a whole new person. Whatever your preferred hairstyle, be sure to get a haircut that fits your face shape. Some styles look better or worse depending on your face shape! These hairstyles for men will inspire your next hair salon or barber visit!
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  • Hairstyle with a very short undercut for guys
  • Spiked hairstyle for boys
  • Short men's cut with spiky hair strands
  • Male hair with different tones of blonde
  • Choppy men's haircut with alternating lengths
  • Handsome look for men with longer hair
  • Layered haircut with volume for men
  • Men's cut with short buzzed sides
  • Shiny hair with a natural wave for men
  • Haircut for men's hair with natural body
  • Men's hair with overlapping layers
  • Boys haircut with a fine and neat outline
  • Male haircut with a buzzed neck and straight lengths
  • Men's hair with an upward lifted fringe
  • Young man with slicked up hair
  • Men's haircut with buzzed sides
  • Male hair with contrasting colors
  • Men's haircut to style with the fingers
  • Male haircut with shiny sleek styling
  • Roughed up look for men's hair
  • 1920s inspired haircut with short sides for men
  • Hairdo with asymmetrical quiff for men
  • Soft hair with long bangs for men
  • Hair with combed back sides and a quiff
  • Pomade look hair for men
  • Man with long flowing hair
  • Wild look with whiskers for older men
  • Military inspired haircut with buzzed sides
  • Neat cut with lifted bangs for men
  • more men's hairstyles

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