Fashion Hairstyles for Men (21)

It can be hard to find a new hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable. Don’t let fear hold you back and try a new haircut once in a while. Whether you’re looking for a complete re-style or just an update of your current hairstyle, change is always fun! Check out these fashion hairstyles for men and consult with your hairdresser!
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  • Hairstyle with a natural flow for gentlemen
  • Long hairstyle with a middle part for men
  • Men's hairstyle with layers and gel
  • Away from the face hairstyle for men
  • Textured shag haircut for young men
  • Male haircut for wearers of glasses
  • Easy maintenance haircut with shaved sideburns for men
  • Pomaded men's hair with a side part
  • Rebellious male haircut with movement
  • Men's hairstyle with lift and dynamic movement
  • Hairstyle for men with small curls
  • Italian Rock haircut for men
  • Short hair with sideburns for guys with natural curls
  • Professional men's haircut with fine graduation
  • Gel styled hair with soft spikes
  • Neat and stylish hair for men
  • Male 1950s look for naturally curly hair
  • Dressy haircut with upright sections for men
  • Man with bleached buzz cut short hair
  • Haircut with military short sides and longer top hair
  • Trendy haircut with a short neckline for guys
  • Short textured hair with bangs for boys
  • Boys hair with slicked back sides
  • Untamed look for men's hair
  • Blonde highlights for male brown hair
  • Men's haircut with flexible styling
  • Men's cut with an angled hair line
  • Young man with sleek combed back hair
  • Short haircut with loose styling
  • more men's hairstyles

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