Haircuts for Boys and Men (19)

As hairstyle trends for men come and go, some of them make a more lasting impression than others. Would you like to update your look and are you looking for trendy haircuts for boys and men? You’re in the right place! Continue scrolling for hairstyle ideas for men!
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  • Out of the face style for natural curls
  • Long and curly male hair
  • Boys haircut with bangs and textured tips
  • Mohawk haircut with shaved sides
  • Tightly cropped hair with a quiff
  • Man with short slicked hair
  • Long hairstyle with curls for young men
  • Mid-length haircut for boys
  • Short men's haircut with straight lines
  • Dynamic guys hairstyle with a graduated neck
  • Trendy short haircut for men
  • High-top haircut with short neck hair for boys
  • Smooth hair with a buzzed nape for men
  • Men's haircut with a neat outline
  • Male haircut with extremely short sides
  • Men's cut with straightened top hair
  • Romantic hairstyle with curls for gentlemen
  • Boyish hairstyle with Mod elements
  • Scissors cut with layers for men
  • Masculine haircut with clippered sections
  • Haircut with short sides and a combed back quiff
  • Classic men's haircut with pomade styling
  • Masculine hair with top-volume and narrow sides
  • Attractive style for men with grey hair
  • Loose styling and ruffled bangs for men's hair
  • Old fashioned hair look for gentlemen
  • Professional haircut with clipped sides for men
  • Masculine look with curls and a beard
  • Short and neat haircut for young men
  • more men's hairstyles

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