Hairstyles for Boys and Men (18)

Are you tired of your hairstyle? Is your hair in need of a makeover? Change is good! Shake things up, take your hair to the next level and stun everyone with a new head turning haircut. Here are fashion-forward hairstyles for men and boys to inspire you for your next haircut.
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  • Men's cut with angled sides and long bangs
  • Male bowl cut with overlapping layers
  • Style for men with slightly wavy hair
  • Straight hairstyle with steep angles for men
  • Haircut with ear covered sides for young men
  • Rugged hairstyle with a bad boy appeal
  • short low maintenance haircut for men
  • Long hair with curls for men
  • Sporty short hair with curls
  • Short haircut with above the eyebrows bangs for boys
  • Man with long hair and large curls
  • Manly look with hair that flips up
  • Guys hairstyle with short sides and a curly crown
  • Long hairstyle with water waves for men
  • Classy men's hair with volume and a quiff
  • Below the ears hairstyle for boys
  • Male office look with side parted hair
  • Men's hair with buzzed short sides and a spiky crown
  • Clean every day hairstyle for men
  • Male hair that stands straight up
  • Men's haircut with a spiky surface
  • Short haircut with varying lengths for guys
  • Cool haircut zith ruffled bangs for men
  • Look with matching hair and beard
  • Combination of curls and short clipper cut sides
  • Handsome look with rugged masculinity
  • Trendy men's hair with a tousled crown
  • Guys haircut with short buzzed sides
  • Shiny male hair with short sides and gel
  • more men's hairstyles

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