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teens with different hair Teens with Different Hair Teenagers live and thrive on being considered as being cool and trendy and any physical attribute which is considered different could mean growing up is a struggle. Because of the bullying that the more unusual teenager is often forced to endure and also because they like to look the same as their friends.

child and hairdresser Your Child and the Hairdresser Some parents experience a lot of drama and also the stylist has to prove his expertise while a lot of his patience is required at the same time. It is just a fact, most young children simply can not sit still for about half an hour while their hairs are being cut. They just do not have that patience yet, they need action and want to move and look around.

babies hair Babies Hair Babies’ hair is fascinating. When a baby ‘pops out’ into the world one of the first things ecstatic, proud and often slightly overwhelmed parents do is check what kind of hair their bundle of joy has. What color is his hair? Does she have much hair? Are the questions family and friends excitedly ask.

girls will be girls Girls Will Be Girls For those girls who do not want to cut their locks, there are a lot of cute styles for long hair. Let's start with the cut. This is kind of all over the page; straight, layered, bangs, no bangs, really long, medium, etc. For very thin hair layering the hair can help to give the appearance of a thicker mane. Girls with thick straight hair look great with a blunt cut.

The Wright Hair
Amber shares her thoughts and ideas for styling the hair of girls with easy to style and with unmanageable hair.

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