Reverse Bobs (4)

Are you looking for a refreshing new haircut? An angled bob might be the answer. Statement reverse bobs are more popular than ever and they are simply amazing! They are short at the nape and longer at the jaw. Ahead are awesome ideas for angled bobs. Take a look at these jaw-dropping bob haircuts and consult with your hairdresser!
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  • Kirsten Wiig - Angled bob with spiral curls
  • slightly tilted chin length bob
  • platinum A-line bob with an undercut
  • smooth A-line bob with texturing
  • tilted bob with extensions
  • long angled bob
  • tapered A-line bob with pointed sides
  • A-line haircuts
  • purple bob with an angle
  • steeply angled razor cut bob
  • A-line bob with a high crown
  • graduated jaw length bob
  • tousled bob with an A-line shape
  • bevel cut bob
  • blonde bob with volume
  • angled bob that almost touches the shoulders
  • hairstyle with a shorter neck section
  • steep angle A-line bob
  • curly plunging bob
  • Sarah Harding's edged up bob
  • bob for a squarish face
  • long A-line bob with bangs
  • how to cut an A-line bob
  • modern A-line bob with different hair lengths
  • fancy bob with a longer strand
  • tilted bob with full volume styling
  • sleek and sporty A-line bob
  • bob with a steep angle
  • long A-line bob with a shiny surface
  • more angled bobs

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