Trendy Updos (28)

Changing your look doesn’t have to involve a major hair makeover. If you are looking to impress with your hair, there are updos that you can try out. Wearing your hair up will transform your appearance in no time and make you look classy and elegant. Here are some of the trendiest updos!
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  • Hairstyle with a sophisticated chignon
  • Updo with a double twist
  • Lady Gaga inspired up-style with colored extensions
  • Mohawk shape updo
  • Updo for a faux pixie cut
  • Medieval queen braid with a tiara
  • High updo with curled hair
  • Not up nor down hairstyle
  • Up-style with soft curls
  • Modern version of a vintage French roll
  • 3D ponytail
  • Hair in a knot
  • Three roll vintage up-style
  • Vintage hairstyle with pin-up rolls
  • Hairdo with a high bubble and a braid
  • Hairstyle with a high-volume ponytail
  • Blonde hair with a bouncy high ponytail
  • Updo with volume in the back of the head
  • Updo with woven hair and loose strands
  • Exotic up-style with hair accessories
  • Casual chignon with loose knots
  • Up-style for a false short hair look
  • Chignon with curls for working women
  • Hairstyle with slicked-back hair and a ponytail
  • Stylish and modern high ponytail
  • Updo for brown hair
  • Hair pinned up into a fake bob
  • Asymmetrical updo with blonde curls
  • Partial up-style
  • Sleek hair with a knot
  • celebrity up styles

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